Beautiful Spaces for Business

Long Cove Builders’ experience in managing high-end home construction helps us to achieve commercial economy and quality needed in today’s marketplace.

New commercial projects

For new work, we can help with:

  • Selecting land that is in full compliance with the latest code requirements.
  • Finding the best place on the land for the facility by taking into account drainage, conservation and other considerations.
  • Obtaining all necessary permits. We’ll meet with city officials on your behalf, whether you live out-of-state or are too busy to personally oversee these details.
  • Managing the entire project … from permitting to coordination of subcontractors and material selection, we manage every job with the strictest attention to detail. Our craftsmanship is guaranteed and backed by our warranty.
  • Coordinating interior design and landscape architecture to transform the new facility into a practical, ready-to-go business structure.

Renovation and restoration work

Long Cove Builders’ experience helps business owners decide on the best way to add space or functionality to their existing facility at least cost. We’ll evaluate your existing building, work with local codes officials and propose alternatives in clear language to help the business owner decide on the best course.

We invite you to sample a commercial project in the photo tour or take a movie tour.





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